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Florence Kristina M. Mellina1 and Annie Fritce A. Aballe2pp. 7 - 17

Satisfaction on Tourist Destinations in Davao del Sur



Appreciation and understanding of where tourists originate, what motivates them to travel, what attributes of the tourism products highly satisfies them, what influences their loyalty and repeat visit are fundamental factors that determine the success of the tourism industry. This study was conducted to determine tourists’ satisfaction in the tourism industry in Davao del Sur. A quantitative research technique was employed in the study. A total of three hundred forty-two respondents were asked to rate their evaluation of the sites. The survey was conducted to the tourists, who visited the tourist attractions from March to May, 2011. The respondents were widely grouped as the first-timers and returning tourists of Pasig Islet, Camp Sabros and Sibulan River. Data were collected by means of validated questionnaires. Findings of the study revealed majority are young adults, males, college graduates and first-time visitors. While the study found no genderbased and tourist-based differences in the level of tourist satisfaction, there were marked differences across different age groups and educational attainments.

Keywords: eco-tourism, tourism, tourist satisfaction, tourism industry, travel experiences