IJMER Table of Content: January 2017 5(1)

Research Articles


Afiibor, B. B1 and Eluozo. S. N2. pp. 1 - 9

Predicting Variation of Flow Net Deposited in Semi-Permeable Formation; Abua Coastal Location, Niger Delta of Nigeria.



Predicting the variation of flow net deposition was to monitor the behaviour of fluid in semi permeable deposited environment, the study was carried out to express several deposition of fluid flow in various strata, this development detailed the rate of flow net within the intercedes of the formation, the behaviour of flow net in semi permeable formation were reflected in the simulation values through graphical representation, the study was developed through mathematical modelling which applied this derived application, this expresses linear and vacillation phase on flow net, these were experienced in the figures showing the deposition of flow in the study area. The parameters also express the type of formation deposited in the study location, this implies that the rate of hydraulic conductivity can be determined from the simulation values; experts will definitely apply this concept in monitoring and evaluation of flow net in the study environment.

Keywords: predicting, flow net semi permeable and formation.

Eluozo. S. N1 and Afiibor, B. B2pp. 10 - 17

Storativity and Transmissivity Effect to Predict the Rate of Flow in Semi-Confined Overburden Pressured Deposited Formation, Okirika, Rivers State.



Storativity and transmissivity effect were monitored to expressed its effects on semi confined bed deposition in few location at okirika, the study were to monitor the pressure flow deposition in the formation influenced by variation of void ratio, several formation characteristics were noted for such effect in the deposition of these flow in semiconfined bed, but for these pressured flow experienced in the study location were monitor to observed the predominant effect of void ratio variation, these were observed to influenced the deposition of flow within the strata. These were noted through the explorations well developed at shallow depths, these information were noted thus applied to develop the system that generated derived model for the study. Simulation were imperative for such study as it was done to generates various theoretical data validated with experimental values, both parameters expressed faviourable fits validating the developed model, the study has express the deposition of semiconfined bed in these few locations, experts will definitely applied these model in the design of ground water well for such environment in Niger delta.

Keywords: Storativity, Transmissivity, Semi confined.

Eluozo. S. N1 and Afiibor, B. B2pp. 18 - 26

Modelling and Simulation on Partial Deposition of Selenium in Silty Clay Penetrating Phreatic Bed in Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout of Port Harcourt.



The deposition of selenium in silty clay penetrating phreatic bed has been express in the system, the study were to monitor the deposition of selenium in silty clay at various depths penetrating unconfined depositions, several experts has express the migration process of heavy metal, but this type of mathematical concept has not been applied to monitor the rate of selenium concentration in silty clay. The study has generated the rate of selenium concentration penetrating phreatic deposition, thus expressing decreasing in concentration with respect to change in depths, the decrease in concentration were as a results of impermeable depositions found between three and twelve metres. The generated values were from the simulation produced from the developed model, the study is imperative because the developed model applying this type of mathematical concept has been use to develop model for selenium transport penetrating unconfined bed in the study area. This conceptualized approach is to monitor selenium migrations in soil and water environment.

Keywords: Modelling and Simulation, Selenium, Silty Clay and Phreatic Bed.