About JEAH
AgricThe Journal of Education, Arts and Humanities (JEAH) as a multi-disciplinary, open access scholarly journal is aimed at providing a monthly publication outlet for the increasing flow of scholarly research articles.

The scope of the Journal borders around hypothetical developments and their application, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in all areas of Education, Arts and Humanities.

Exclusively, JEAH accepts manuscripts that fall within all areas and issues relating to Educational research as well as research in Arts and Humanities. The journal will consider submissions from all over the world, on original research works that has not been published or accepted for publication by other journals.

JEAH is published by WatchPlus in a clear and concise manner in English Language.
Scope of JEAH

The scope of JEAH borders arround the fields of Arts and Humanities as well as the in the Educational Profession. It therefore includes but not limited to; Comparative education, Critical pedagogy, Curriculum and instruction, Alternative education, Early childhood education, Elementary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Mastery learning, Cooperative learning, Agricultural education, Art education, Bilingual education, Chemistry education, Counselor education, Language education, Legal education, Mathematics education, Medical education, Military education and training, Music education, Nursing education, Peace education, Physical education/Sports coaching, Physics education, Reading education, Religious education, Science education, Special education, Sex education, Sociology of education, Technology education, Vocational education, Educational leadership, Educational philosophy, Educational psychology, Educational technology, Distance education, Journalism, media studies and communication, Advertising, Public relations, Speech communication, Technical writing, Translation, Legal management, Corporate law, Mercantile law, Business law, Administrative law, Canon law, Comparative law, Constitutional law, Competition law, Criminal law, Criminal procedure, Criminal justice, Police science, Forensic science, Islamic law, Jewish law, Jurisprudence, Civil law, Admiralty law, Animal law/Animal rights, Common law, Corporations, Civil procedure, Contract law, Environmental law, Family law, Federal law, International law, Public international law, Supranational law, Labor law, Paralegal studies, Property law, Tax law, Tort law, Procedural law, Substantive law, Archival science, Bibliometrics, Citation analysis, Conservation science, Informatics, Information architecture, Information science, Museology, Museum administration, Corrections, Conservation biology, Emergency management, Fire safety (Structural fire protection), Fire ecology (Wildland fire management), Governmental affairs, International affairs, Peace and conflict studies, Police science, Policy studies, Policy analysis, Public administration, Nonprofit administration, Non-governmental organization (NGO) administration, Public policy doctrine, Public policy school, Regulation, Agricultural policy, Commercial policy, Cultural policy, Domestic policy, Drug policy, Drug policy reform, Economic policy, Fiscal policy, Incomes policy, Industrial policy, Investment policy, Monetary policy, Tax policy, Education policy, Energy policy, Nuclear energy policy, Renewable energy policy, Environmental policy, Food policy, Foreign policy, Health policy, Pharmaceutical policy, Vaccination policy, Housing policy, Immigration policy, Knowledge policy, Language policy, Military policy, Science policy, Climate change policy, Stem cell research policy, Space policy, Technology policy, Social policy, Public policy by country, Child welfare, Community practice, Community organizing, Social policy, Human Services, Corrections, Gerontology, Medical social work, Mental health, School social work, Infographics, Intermodal transportation studies, Marine transportation, Port management, Operations research, Mass transit.